What’s Special about Storytelling?

Oral storytelling brings inner, unseen, imagined  worlds to the fore. Hearing words spoken heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind, mouth-to-ear :  listening inside our heads, we create our own images of those worlds.  We turn the teller’s words into much richer, more powerful and “personal” fantasies than could any movie. Not read from a book or learned from a script, oral tales grow from the triangular space between listener, teller, and story. Naturally interactive, each telling is unique to those people, that time, place.

Story can thought-provoke, lighten our life or frighten us witless!  Creation myths and heroic sagas breathe life into a civilisation. Stories build bridges too; we see ourselves in ‘the other’ as they tell a tale that touches us.  Travellers’ tales, urban myths, fables, fairy stories voice hopes & fears, may make us laugh.  Our stories shape our thinking too:who we are, who our friends or enemies are.  They can even make safe the speaking of the unspeakable -‘ it’s only a story’, after all – isn’t it?